Kiddie Kick
Spring 2019

Tuesday 1PM-2PM CRRP Field #2

Tuesday 6PM-7PM CRRP Field #4


Spring 2019 U4 U5 Kiddie Kick



All players are required to wear shin guards covered by socks and sneakers (or cleats if you have them). Your child will also need to have a size 3 soccer ball (marked with their name) and water bottle (marked with their name).

The main objective is to develop a love for the game. The activities focus on body awareness, basic dribbling skills and having fun!  Commitment to repetitively practicing the core skills in younger players is crucial to unlocking their full potential and creativity as they become an older and more experienced player.

Parents are asked to sit on the outside lines of the main field to assist in preserving the field conditions. Thank you for your help in this endeavor to keep the fields in great shape. 

Tuesday Kiddie Kick

Tuesday 1PM-2PM CRRP Field #2

Tuesday 6PM-7PM CRRP Field #4

Session #1 April 2
Session #2 April 9
Session #3 April 23
Session #4 April 30
Session #5 May 7
Session #6 May 14

Saturday Kiddie Kick

Saturday 9AM-10AM CRRP Field #2

Saturday 9AM-10AM Chaptico Field #2

Session #1 April 6
Session #2 April 13
Session #3 April 27
Session #4 May 4
Session #5 May 11
Session #6 May 18