All Supplemental Evaluations are Complete

Supplemental evaluations have been completed and no other travel teams are adding players at this time.  All travel teams will hold our annual open evaluations in the May/June timeframe for the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 seasonal year.

Please contact Amy King @ with any questions.

Travel & RecPlus Team Formation for the 2020/2021 Seasonal Year

St. Mary’s Soccer intends to implement the following plan for Travel and RecPlus team formations for the upcoming 2020/2021 seasonal year.


To limit the numbers and expedite the process of forming teams, current Travel team rosters will be carried over to the 2020/2021 seasonal year, subject to a couple exceptions which have been relayed directly to the Travel teams.  Many of our Travel teams are still looking to add additional players through supplemental evaluations.  These evaluations will be combined with RecPlus evaluations for the U9-12 age groups. 


Safety is our primary concern.  Evaluations will adhere to local and governing body guidelines.  We are in the process of using the MSYSA Return to Play guidelines to institute a phased return to play, which currently allows for a maximum of 16 participants (which includes any coaches).  We have adjusted the plan to allow for these guidelines. Evaluations will begin as early as the week of July 6 for some age groups.  Once registration closes on Wednesday, July 1, all registrants will be contacted with the available evaluation dates for their age group.  Note that some high school age groups sitting out from league play in the fall may opt to hold supplemental evaluations later.  Only those who register for evaluations will be contacted with the plan and dates for their age group.


Players interested in Travel or RecPlus programs should attend the evaluation for their given birth year: 


2013/2014 U8 - Jan 1, 2013 through Dec 31, 2014  (RecPlus) 

2012 U9 -  Jan 1, 2012 through Dec 31, 2012

2011 U10 - Jan 1, 2011 through Dec 31, 2011

2010 U11 - Jan 1, 2010 through Dec 31, 2010

2009 U12 - Jan 1, 2009 through Dec 31, 2009

2008 U13 - Jan 1, 2008 through Dec 31, 2008

2007 U14 - Jan 1, 2007 through Dec 31, 2007

2006 U15 - Jan 1, 2006 through Dec 31, 2006

2005 U16 - Jan 1, 2005 through Dec 31, 2005

2004 U17 - Jan 1, 2004 through Dec 31, 2004

2003 U18 - Jan 1, 2003 through Dec 31, 2003

2002 U19 - Jan 1, 2002 through Dec 31, 2002


Travel teams are formed for each years’ age group from U9 to U19, as numbers permit.  RecPlus teams will be formed for U10 by combining 2012 U9 and 2011 U10 players, and then for U12 by combining 2010 U11 and 2009 U12 players.  There will also a separate U8 RecPlus evaluation.  Each age groups evaluation will include those interested in both Travel and Rec Plus.  There is not a separate registration.




There will be no fee to register or attend evaluations.  Any players interested in Travel that are NOT currently rostered to a Travel team, as well as anyone interested in RecPlus, must register. 




Please contact Amy King ( or Wayne Mozzo ( with questions.





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